South Jersey Auto Auction Concept

Offering many vehicles weekly in a Bid Sale!

Our Philosophy

It has been a proven fact that bids are successful. Many Dealers are moving in this direction to free up their PO Sales Mgr, free up space and achieve a higher return.

South Jersey Auto Auction (SJAA) combines many dealers and their wholesale inventory together to attract a large number of bidders. Our goal is to offer up to 200 vehicles weekly and to maintain a high percentage selling rate.


    Key elements for Selling Dealers:

  • Large inventory & large crowds equals higher return.
  • You will see your wholesale numbers increase.
  • Save hundreds per vehicle over auction fees.
  • No need to wholesale at the door.
  • Sealed bid held every Tuesday & Wednesday. (Closes Wed. @12:00PM)
  • Bid results finalized and posted on web within 24 hours.
  • All vehicles are displayed and secured with inside storage available.
  • Free up space and time.
  • Very simple and organized process.
  • Don't be fooled into thinking that you're getting the maximum at your door. We have close to 100 bidding dealers every week.
  • Try it at no obligation or cost and see why you should be a part of SJAA.
  • Transportation services available.
  • Fully licensed and insured.

    Key elements for Buying Dealers:

  • Selection of multiple trades and front line vehicles at one location.
  • Bid on vehicles in a comfortable setting with wireless internet access.
  • All vehicle information clearly marked on windshield.
  • Inside storage for many vehicles. A plus when weather is rough.
  • Winning buyer notified by next day.
  • Lunch and beverages served every Tuesday.
  • Test drive any vehicle.
  • Title history available on every car upon request.