Buyers Bidding Tips

South Jersey Auto Auction Bidding Tips

  • End your bid with a unique number example: 5217 or 2539. Try not to use 5200 or 2500.
  • 2nd chance bidding (Thursdays) gives everyone another opportunity to bid. Sellers floors will be posted
  • Whatever the most you will pay for the vehicle, add a small amount like $51 or $27 to that number. It’s a bummer when you lose by just a few dollars!
  • Test drive the vehicles long enough to appraise it properly. Some vehicles need to warm up to show their true colors! Remember... AS IS AUCTION!
  • If a vehicle has been re-run from the week before, you can find the floor on the previous weeks results page on our website.
  • 2nd chance bidding gives everyone another shot from Wednesday at 5:00PM to Thursday at 11:00AM. The last column in the bid list is the FLOOR, not the Market. You must get real close or even exceed the FLOOR for the vehicle to get sold. If you meet the floor in 2nd chance, it does not guarantee that you will win the vehicle but it does mean the vehicle will be sold! The floors are often exceeded!
  • You can use the computers within our office or you may access the Bidding System from any computer in the world, but all bids MUST be submitted within our bidding times which are posted on our home page.
  • When you win a vehicle, the sooner you pay and remove it the sooner you will get a title. Keep that in mind in the case that you don’t get back here by Friday afternoon.