South Jersey Auto Auction Policies & Procedures

Policy & Procedures for Selling Dealers

  • Selling dealers will supply a good title to the buyers when it has arrived. If there is a payoff, the dealer will make the title available within a reasonable amount of time (Approximately 21-30 days.). The buyer does have the right to ask for an adjustment or return the vehicle to the seller after 30 days if the title is not produced. Dealers must notify South Jersey Auto Auction (SJAA) of any brands or disclosures on titles.
  • Wholesale cars can arrive daily between 9:00AM and 5:00PM Thursday, Friday, and Monday (no later than 4:00PM). Cars can not arrive on Tuesday! Saturday drop-offs are allowed with advanced notice.
  • All bid results will be posted Wednesday's at 5:00PM, on our website ( .
  • You will be notified Wednesday approximately 1:00PM for approvals. We ask that when you are called that you have your inventory list ready.
  • Invoices will be printed for each vehicle sold. These invoices must be signed and paid for before the vehicle is removed from our lot. It is optional for selling dealers to print their own invoices.
  • Titles will be picked up by SJAA and handed out on a weekly basis. We ask that your title Clerk be aware of this and have the titles ready as soon as possible. All titles are assigned to the buying dealer. The faster we can turn titles around, the better your results will be on your inventory.
  • The only areas that you will be able to unwind, that are not declared on sale day, are "
    • Title, Speedometer and Odometer" discrepancies.
    • History of a deployed airbag.
  • Any unsold vehicles left here and abandoned may be subject to a citation via the township and/or SJAA, and is the responsibility of the vehicle owner.

    The success of this bid relies on everyone involved. This is a service provided by SJAA to benefit both the seller and the buyer. We have over 28 years experience in the wholesale business and insure the integrity of this bid. When results are called in, we ask that you compare the high bid to the current market. Your floors should be reasonable and set to be sold. We ask that you use good judgment at this facility and follow the procedures that are in place.  

    Thank You,
    The South Jersey Auto Auction Team